4 Reasons You Should Go Outside the House Everyday

  1. We Didn’t Evolve To Be Stuck Indoors:

Do you think we evolved into upright, walking, apes in the outdoors, to be confined to a set of 4 walls for the rest of our lives? Of course, we didn’t. We evolved to be in Nature. Our natural habitat. To be among the birds, trees, flowers, grass, rivers, the Sun and other human beings. If nature is our home, why are we neglecting it? We should be breathing in that beautiful natural air, listening to the birds singing, smelling the flowers and interacting with our fellow human beings. Not stuck inside with our eyes glued to our phones, browsing social media or being lazy laying down in our beds.

2. Your Physical Health Might Improve:

Prolonged inactivity can lead to a variety of physical health problems, Such as; the build up of blood clots, development of obesity, high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes and so many more ailing illnessess. Choosing to step outside of the house every day, even if it is only for a 10 – 15 minute walk; might enable you to maintain a healthy weight and lower the risk of developing high blood pressure or Type 2 Diabetes.

Isn’t your health worth it?

Think about this: you might not be bothered now, but in the next 5 – 10 years, when you’re unable to move, breathe properly, eat or drink foods you want to eat or drink, in and out the hospital every day. You will be wishing you did something about it. But, you don’t have to let that become your reality. Do what you can now to help keep yourself in good health.

3. Find New Places To Eat And Dine On Delicious Food:

We have become so dependent on Microwave Meals and ordering Takeaways, that we have forgotten the beauty of eating outdoors and the benefits it can bring. Eating in a restaurant is not the same as eating a Microwaved Meal or eating a takeaway. The benefits of eating out are numerous: you get outside the house, different scenery, fresh food and drink, table service, take your family out, can see the rating of the restaurant first hand, it feels traditional and at some places where they have buffets, you can eat until your belly gets full (not possible with a takeaway or a microwaved meal). Not to mention, it is a lot healthier for you too.

4. Meet New People And Make New Friends:

The world is full of unique and interesting people ready for you to meet. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, Everybody has a unique story to tell. One of them could become your new best friend. But, you won’t meet those people if you’re sat inside all of the time. Yes, you can easily make friends online, I don’t doubt that but what about the real world? do you suffer with social anxiety or find it difficult to communicate with people beyond the smart phone, laptop, console or PC? then you need to get out more and meet new people. You won’t overcome your social anxiety or ever develop your social skills if you’re stuck inside the house. If you put yourself out there and commit to overcoming your social anxiety and developing your social skills, you will make new friends. It is inevitable.

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