A Little Reminder for People on the Path Toward Self Mastery

If we are not careful, we can run the risk of developing an Ego, while attempting to remove the Ego.

It is important to cultivate empathy and compassion while on the path to Self Mastery and be constantly mindful of our thoughts to ensure we always remember where we came from, we are not perfect and why we should be gentle, patient and understanding of other people who have not yet or will never chosen/choose to embark on a journey of self discovery and self mastery. .

There is no right path, there is no right way, no right journey, no right route. Each and every one of us, is on our own journey. We should respect, embrace and accept that fact. If you’re finding yourself thinking you’re on the right path and everybody else is not or you’re feeling superior and better than other people because of the path you have chosen to follow; you’re feeding and growing the Ego, not reducing, taming or transcending the Ego.

I highly recommend you give this Guided Meditation a go, if you have been feeding the Ego lately:

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