Our Relationship with Money is Unhealthy

Is money really the root of all evil? or can it be a force for good? Is our modern relationship with money unhealthy? Will spending less make us more happier and help us save more money? Should we only save up a pension and choose to spend it all when we are old or save up and invest to build more money over time?

Our Consumer Culture:

The media, corporations and society have lead us to believe we need to consume, consume, consume more and more and more stuff until the day we die. We have been fed a big fat lie: consuming more will make us happier. To be happy we need a big house, a big car, we need to be subscribed to over 20 different online streaming services, we need to have the latest I Phone or Samsung. But, accumulating more and more stuff doesn’t make us happy, it makes us less happy. The more we consume, the more we desire, the more we want, the less happier we are. Why? because we will always want more, and can’t have everything.

We need to reprogram our minds to stop thinking that having more stuff will bring us happiness, when it is actually having less stuff that will make us happier. How, so? less stuff, less to worry about. Less stuff, more money. Less stuff, more space, less stuff, more freedom.

Money is a Tool:

Yes, you read that right.

Money is a tool. It can either be used for good or for bad. The old saying “Money is the root of all evil” is false. It can be the root of all good too. It all depends on how you use your money, what you choose to do it with and what you choose to spend it on or invest in.

Ever heard the saying “Guns don’t kill people, people do”, the same logic applies to Money. Money cannot make a man greedy, men are greedy. It is human nature for a human being to want more, desire and succumb to greed.

Will you use it for good or for bad? the choice is yours.

Will you allow your primal instincts to take over and turn you into a greedy, arrogant, power hungry man or woman or will you learn to control your impulses and gain a healthy relationship with money?

Learn to Save up, Spend Less and Invest:

The more we want, the more we desire, the more we desire, the more we spend. Think about what you really need. You need a jacket to keep you warm in winter, a pair of shoes to protect your feet and a car to get you from point a to point b. Think about how much money you would save if you decided to purchase a 20 pound jacket to keep you warm instead of a 150 pound jacket with a brand name attached to it (which is most likely the reason you most bought it, right?).

Discipline yourself to spend money on the things you need, instead of the things you want and you will have more money in your bank account. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself now and again but if you want to have more money then you should be choosing to buy what you need, rather than what you want most of the time.

The beauty of spending less money on the things we want and more on the things we need is that we will also be saving up more money. Then we can put that money to better use: we can invest our money, to make more money. When you have saved up enough money, think about investing that money, so that you can make more money. Making more money shouldn’t be for the sake of the money itself but for what having more money can bring: Financial Freedom. Financial Freedom would make it so that you wouldn’t have to spend hours and hours working at a job you don’t enjoy every day, you would be able to spend more time with family and friends, travel the world, make a difference, build a business, do what you enjoy and more.

Caution: I would place my money in a pension if you’re unsure, after all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

However, once you become financially independent, you won’t need a job and therefore a pension would be made redundant. If you want to carry on working for the rest of your life (some people do), then I would highly advise that you put all your money into a pension each month and then you won’t have to worry about being penniless when you finally retire from work.

Be smart with your money and your money will become your servant!

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