So, what’s it all about then?

What is Self Mastery Lab?

Self Mastery Lab is a Personal Development blog for people who are are interested and serious about Personal Development and Self Mastery. With a focus on simplicity and comprehension, posts will be short and to the point. One will not have to worry about complicated jargon or terminology, so you can put that dictionary back on the shelf. If complicated or terminology is used, it will be explained. All that is expected of you is to be patient, determined, enthusiastic and wholly committed to the pursuit of your own personal development by actually putting into action the strategies, methods and techniques I teach.

What kind of content will you find on this blog?

On this blog you will discover tips and advice on how to be more productive, how to find your passion, how to be more mindful, how to save money, how to discover your life purpose and lots of other useful information, knowledge and wisdom πŸ™‚

Self Mastery encompasses all areas in our lives: Self Discipline, Self Control, Social Communication, Personal Relationships, Relationship with money, Health, Job Satisfaction, Passion etc…

Parting words:

I sincerely hope you will benefit from my teachings, as I am dedicated to helping you create the best life you could possibly create during the short time you have on this earth.

If you would like me to answer any of your questions in a future blog post, let me know!

β€œIt is not that we are given a short life but we make it short, and we are not ill-supplied but wasteful of it.”- Seneca

PS: The content of this post also exists in the About section of this blog.

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